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Chants Of Maldoror: 13 January 2007

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Live Act(s): Chants Of Maldoror
Event Date: 13 January 2007
Type of Event: Small Club Concert
Venue: Sudterranea
Promoter/Organizer: Obscure Night
Rated: *****

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This is the second time the band from Rome comes to Sudterranea Club, in Naples. I remember last time, in December 2005, their concert was a great experience, while I didn’t appreciate so much the following exhibition at ObcureFest in May, when they seemed too pretentious to me.
Now I confirm my impression: they give their best in small venues or crowded places, with smoke and people sweating, where they can involve the audience in their ritual, and not in theatres with people nailed to a seat. I’ve never seen them in Leipzig (or in Utrecht where they supported BAUHAUS) but I think it was the same: give them reactive people and they’ll donate a memorable night, separate them from their public and they’ll play alone for themselves.
This time the first thing I notice is a general sleazy attitude, more glamourous and involving, starting with an intro where the common industrial or gothic atmospheres are substituted by a song directly from the Sixties (f I’m right one from Dirty Dancing movie but Im not so sure). But don’t think they’ve lost their obscure attitude, their theatrical pose or their decadent imagery: as the concert clearly shows, the intense emotions they transmit are the same as in the past, and the song are maybe even better than before.
Cruel with us, Wounded Canvas, Justine are one of my preferred, and since the first notes they open a break in my body, like a hand crushing my heart. We stand alone, the Ultravox cover included in their last album Every Mask Tell The Truth, is an invite to dance and jump. They’ve played also new songs, that show a conscious maturity: more electronic arrangements but not the simple techno beats and ts404 too many bands use to refresh their sound. They’ve reached a point where the influence of milestones bands of dark/deathrock is reduced and now the CHANTS OF MALDOROR speak their own language.
The only sad thing I could say about the concert is the limited audience (usually the room is crowded, today don’t know why we’re only 30) and the presence of a well-known local hothead trying to disturb the exhibition.
I strongly recommend this band to every dark/gothic/deathrock/batcave fan (people decide everyday to use a different definition, preferring to catalogue than to live the emotions). Listen to their album, maybe buying them and not only downloading, and see them live, for they were already a great band and they are continuously growing.


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