Saturday, May 30, 2020
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Title: mondes inconnus
Format: DVD
Label: Empreintes Digitales (@)
Rated: *****
From the day I've received it, I think I've been listening to this recordings many more times than those I planned to write this review, and it's been a great surprise. This cd comes in dvd format that means you're supposed to listen to this music via home theatre to recreate the same effect for which these compositions/installations have been projected. In the contemporary sound of Mathew Adkins there's a lot of electronics and while in many reviews they write about his electro-acoustic skill I think the listening of this collection of works reveal Adkins’ music deep electronic essence. Mondesin is cold, odd and leaves the potential listener wandering in a sort of trance, infact unlike many contemporary composers/musicians Adkins' music is beyond doubt expressive and emotionally charged but still cerebral. I think I'm gonna write something many of you will disagree with, but during the whole listening I got the sensation this music is really suitable with some Lynch and Carpenter's movies above all those where the locations become the main guiding line of the storyboard. This composer in some way follows the footsteps of Pierre Schaeffer and improves his ideas; I’ve read he received some international prizes for his composition and you from what I’ve heard he deserved it.