Saturday, May 30, 2020
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Title: Filthy White Guy
Format: CD
Rated: *****
After two years from their 2004 comeback welcomed by the double CD "Wellcome" and after the 2005 "Stansted" EP, Portion Control release a new full length titled FILTHY WHITE GUY. If you hadn’t the chance to listen to their previous release and you have still in your ears tunes like "Chew you to bits" (my favourite track of their old period), well, the fourteen tracks of this new album can somewhat recalling those old atmosphere even if the sounds are been refined being now more sophisticated. If that track was sounding rough and powerful at the same time the new tracks are still powerful but are more permeated by a sense of isolationism. New songs often play around a bass line melody and then some sounds are added to thicken the structure. This way of concentrating the track around an idea for almost the whole length make arise a certain sense of claustrophobia and by the cover used (a picture of snarling teeth) I think this is the effect Portion Control wanted to have. Fortunately the tracks don’t sound boring because they aren’t all sounding the same thanks also to Dean Piavani who used different style of vocals. If "Wellcome" tracks were varied by containing elements of ambient, electronic a la Clock DVA and e.b.m., FILTHY WHITE GUY have a radical approach to sounds and themes (they also collaborated with the Japanese cyberpunk writer Kenji Siratori for the lyrics of "Susano"). Probably the creation process affected the tracks as the band choose different locations like a caravan park in Peacehaven, a power sub station, a front room, a chapel of rest and a bingo hall. They linked two different laptops that were running Cubase SX3 and they used uniquely software keyboards and effects. Sometimes I feel the lack of roughness that the analogue gear was giving to their sound but it is a good thing that Portion Control are back and I feel that they are here to stay!