Saturday, May 30, 2020
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New Order: Item

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Artist: New Order
Title: Item
Format: DVD
Label: Warner Bros.
Distributor: Rhino
New Order is a band who can do anything they want. This double dvd is totally a must , especially if you're a child of the 80's. NO was very creative when it comes making music and videos. Alot of their videos may not didn't go with their songs, but in my own opinion, it was consider to be crafty and artsy with a sense of humour. This Manchester English band spun out of their dark days when they were Joy Division. Sad that Ian Curtis hung himself in the kitchen, which made the rest of the other three band mates moved on and transform themselves and change the name of the band and recruited female keyboardist Gillian Gilbert as part of a fourth new member. Guitarist Bernard Summer took over as vocalist. His voice may not be all that appealing on every song he sings, but at least he have the courage to express his emotions with feeling from his gut. The first disc is a collection of all their 25 videos from 1981-2005, including their club dance classic "Confusion". Also including alternate video versions and new videos for their older songs "Ceremony" and "Temptation". The second disc contains an extended documentary and interviews about the band plus clips from the Joy Division era. A collective item to have.

Disc 1 (Music Videos)

1 Confusion
2 The Perfect Kiss
3 Shellshock
4 State Of The Nation
5 Bizarre Love Triangle
6 True Faith
7 Touched By The Hand Of God
8 Blue Monday '88
9 Fine Time
10 Round & Round
11 Run
12 World In Motion
13 Regret
14 Ruined In A Day
15 World
15 Spooky
17 1963
18 Crystal
19 60 Miles An Hour
20 Here To Stay
21 Krafty
21 Jetstream
22 Waiting For The Sirens' Call
23 Ceremony
25 Temptation

Disc 2