Saturday, May 30, 2020
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Title: Feelings Will Die
Format: CD
Label: X-Cem/Rupal Records (@)
Distributor: Icare Media Distribution
Rated: *****
This is a new split-CD released by the productive X-Cem collective and presents the debut of both acts. To describe the people and the style and idea behind this release is a bit difficult, but I try my best. Conceptually following the earlier this year released split-CD with the both leading X-Cem artists WYNARDTAGE and ACYLUM and so also limited to only 150 pieces, this release starts with three mutual tracks provided by both acts CYBER WHORE and KRACHMACHINE. CYBER WHORE is a female-leaded act by Dee-Kay (vocals) and Louis Cyphre (music and vocals) and especially Louis has already made his way in this music business with the debut release of his solo main project LA MAGRA. But Louis stands also behind KRACHMASCHINE, which is described as a LA MAGRA side-project. Difficult to look behind this and the sense to build so much different monikers which almost musically can be hard separated. So with CYBER WHORE Louis is collaborating with his sister, and both are trying to combine cold electronic sounds taken out of Trance and Electro/EBM influences with the smooth and warm vocal performance done by Dee-Kay. Generally this works well on the presented 6 tracks here, although this project gathers some help from the remix desk done by LA MAGRA (funny, that Louis remixes his own stuff, but it works well here because he adds a relative important point to the track "Broken Inside" – some do call it PUNCH...), DAVANTAGE (this remix of "Oppression" hits the original...) and MAY-FLY. KRACHMASCHINE is rather aggressive and more Electro/Industrial-minded than CYBER WHORE. It is straight-forward arranged ("Amestery"), but I still search for that big difference to LA MAGRA. Musically the things are very comparable, maybe with only a slight tougher tone into some Powernoise-like efforts ("Krachmaschine"), the same out-of-the-grave-sounding vocals, which luckily avoid it to tell us some other vampire stories, are maybe the one and only difference. Also 6 tracks presented by this project including two well placed remix works created by WYNARDTAGE and ACYLUM, both fit with the concept. Globally said, both CYBER WHORE and KRACHMASCHINE can’t offer anything new to the scene, but they show some depth in the still underground-like hard working X-Cem collective.