Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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Artist: CRAP
Title: s/t
Format: CD
Label: Megaplomb (@)
Rated: *****
Crap? No way, if there's something far from being pure crap is the music featured on this cd. Megaplomb’s profile as a label is getting clear, you just need hears to perceive the guy is mainly free/jazzy/avant/tecnique oriented or at least that's what it seems. Going back to Crap I'd better start by saying this four letters birth name hides four well know musicians haling from the jazz circuit (both from the institutional and the off one), but they all are quite popular for having played "other music" and to have hybridized jazz in many of their countless side works. Jacopo Andreini (Enfance Rouge, Arrington De Dyoniso Quartet, Bz Bz ueu, etc.), Edoardo Ricci, Helmut Cipriani and Roy Paci (Manu Chao, Aretuska, Corleone, Zu, etc.) on trumpet. This a quite old recording since this ensemble was kicking back in 1998 and in some ways it has a "retrò" aftertaste of free-jazz-rock but that's not absolutely bad indeed. I think many will compare this to Zu and sure it has some similarities with the debut release of the band that at the time (more or less) featured Roy on trumpet, but this not a carbon copy of the power trio nay it has some significant differences. The arrangements are damn clean and neat and it makes you think to something that's much more absorbed in the jazz world than in the rock one but it's something that really want to cross the boundaries of its genre. Featuring both Andreini and Paci the first idea I was pondering was that it sometimes smells like popular-funny music mixed with serious muscular playing and that’ ok with me. Free-jazz-rock, yes, but still not jazz-core therefore you're warned and there's a hell of difference so please don't blame me for this jerking on definitions. I can't say how many people into jazz will buy it or get it, but they should dig it even though its schizophrenia, c’mon Trane and Parker probably would have moved their black feet to the rhythm of these four white folks and that's enough for me to justify the listening.


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