Friday, September 25, 2020
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Artist: ASHER
Title: Directions
Format: CD
Label: Leerraum
Rated: *****
First of all, let me spend some words on the new Leerraum design: a white cardboard sleeve opening in a frame, with a printed insert showing a picture of moving ants. The number and position of the ants vary from one release to the other. This is a good show of how a minimal concept can offer a visually remarkable presentation... good job! I reviewed Asher's "Beautiful Degradation" cdr on CONV some time ago, which was roughly based on piano recordings via tape hiss and decay. This 3-track, 51' release is quite different and much more obscure, but no less hypnotic, based as it is on crackles, bass drones and slowly uncoiling high-end sine tones. If it's based on synth sounds, or on a digital treatment of field recordings, I really can't tell, but it's algid and blurred like a November mist. My only quibble is that the three tracks sound basically the same, with very minimal variations, so if you're not in the mood this could eventually sound monotonous.


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