Monday, September 28, 2020
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Title: Kapotte Muziek by
Format: CD EP
Label: Korm Plastics
Rated: *****
As usual in the "Kapotte Muziek by..." series, the artist uses a live performance (here, a concert/workshop given in The Netherlands in 1997) by the Dutch collective to create a new piece of his own. Rehberg (aka Pita) reworks the raw sound sources in a way that is much more similar to his recent, and brilliant, solo disc on Mosz than to his diginoise releases under his alias. The 17' 30" track starts with a low rumble, to which he adds metallic scrapings, looped noise bursts and a cyclic rolling sound... The piece eventually caves in in a more subdued set of sounds, where even string plucking seems to be recognizable. A nice microsound track, only a bit dispersive construction-wise, but maybe that was the point.


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