Saturday, September 19, 2020
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THE DRONES : Gala Mill

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Title: Gala Mill
Format: CD
Label: ATP records (@)
Rated: *****
Despite the name suggested the last of zillions bands playing ambient music or Kranky influenced drone music, The Drones should be filed under "rock-blues, depressed-folk". Their sound infact pays homage to the family tree of american music like many other acclaimed artists did before them, therefore if I say Gala Mill is full of reminiscences near to some old episodes signed by Tim Rutili and friends, and of course I speak about Red Red Meat in particular but also to Loftus, Califone, Giant Sand, Rein Sanction (for those who know them). But if you wonna go back to the real root of the sound of these australians you probably should look for the lowest common denominator and the answer is probably Rolling Stones. There's a sick bluesy atmosphere and you know considered they’re coming from the land of kangaroos mentioning the Bed Seeds is quite obvious but probably realistic. Some of the slowest ballad ("Alexander Pierce" for example) reminded me of the great Reiner Ptacek that's great. Professional recording, a good writing skill, a good look and a chart climber refinement, but if you ask me I think this release is a bit too heavily absorbed in its influences and that's probably its biggest limit. If you're into modern classicism you'll probably love it over all it’s a good record, just a bit to "conservative".


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