Monday, June 1, 2020
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Title: Bhang Ragga
Format: CD
Label: Kush Arora Productions
Ok, here's for a tough one to review, not because I dislike dub (which I actually like quite a bit), but because I lack terms of camparison and most of all, I really haven't made up my mind about this album yet. I dig some parts and would gladly do without others. For sure, this San Francisco's musician (here at his second full-length) has a personal approach to dub music, mixing raggae/dancehall styles with electronics and a heavy slab of Indian (Punjabi) music - with a list of guest musicians playing live tabla, dhol and dholak, santoor, flute, etc. More guests offer vocal duties, which is where my main problem lies - I find it really hard to get into N4SA's style, for example, though it could well be a perfect raggae performer. I just don't get into it at all. But the instrumental side is quite interesting throughout, with a sort of Bill Laswell/On U-styled approach and that heavy dose of Eastern sounds. Not my favourite style of dub-cum-electronica, but someone more competent than me could find this a masterpiece.