Wednesday, July 8, 2020
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Artist: LAB 4
Title: None Of Us Are Saints
Format: 2 x CD (double CD)
Label: Resist Music (@)
Distributor: Audioglobe

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Lab 4 are a duo formed by Adam Newman and Lez Elston. They met in 1991 at a recording studio in Oxfordshire where Adam was in house programmer/engineer and Lez was working with his band M.A.D. Adam joined M.A.D. for the following three years as a drummer. At the end of 1994 they decided to form Lab 4 thanks to a deal offered from a German label Pod Communications. Since then their live show started to gather more and more people who made of them one of the biggest act of the hard dance/techno scene. Their sound melts industrial goth intuitions (they also look like two goth guys) with English techno acid sound and beside playing live, recording and remixing people, the duo composed music for film and television covering everything from lounge jazz, breakbeat, hardcore and house music to a classical score for the BBC or for different worldwide advertising campaigns (Reebok, Polaroid, Camel, Sure, Pepsi and Bacardi, to name just a few). Four years ago they released "Virus" on Tidy Trax and they had to wait so many years for their new one because they changed label, joining Resist Records. Now two months after the release of their double album they decided to call it quits because they lived the last fifteen years on the road and hardly they were able to record an album or to live a proper life. To their fans they leave NONE OF US ARE SAINTS, a double CD packed with twenty two tracks (two acid remixes of their cover version of N.I.N.’s "The perfect drug" reworked by DJ Starscream and by Nightbreed) of their characteristic sound impossible to ignore. If you never heard of them, just try to imagine an house/techno/e.b.m. train that never stops or an early version of Prodigy meet Cubanate but taken to the next level where a fibrillating heartbeat run the rhythm. So long...


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