Thursday, July 9, 2020
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SINBEATS: Sinbeats

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Artist: SINBEATS (@)
Title: Sinbeats
Format: CD
Label: Fuego (@)
Distributor: Sx Distribution
Rated: *****
Sinbeats’ self named CD is the third full lenght of the German band heading from Frankfurt and existing since 1990. The new album born after a long time of sound re-definition and after a new line-up change. The sound of the band succeeds into blending the 80s new wave/rock sounds (some names that come up into my mind are New Model Army, Alarm, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, Fields Of The Nephilim) with 90s/’00s post rock melodies. If tracks like "All the Sundays" or "Shell beach" recall me The Suede, "I want my analogue life now" surprised me with an opening part a la Misfits just to change into something like the latest Franz Ferdinand as well as Sinbeats’ ballads like "Annabel Lee" or "Durango". The band’s sound is powerful and sincere and they convince with their blend of rockish pop wave.


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