Friday, July 3, 2020
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Artist: CACOY (@)
Title: human is music
Format: CD
Label: Rumarket (@)
Rated: *****
It should be an all star pop combo from Japan and sure I had no doubt this was coming from up there infact the collateral effect this' the jingle of a cartoon. Poppy and sappy?...I'd say no, undeniably less classy than Pizzicato Five and more electronic and squared than Cibo Matto this could also remind a sort of japanese pop meets something of Traband from Island if you remember them. Childish and dreamy as you expect it to be but well done and weird as only japanese music can sound to our western ears. For half of the track I've had an hard time telling thinking it was not cartoon music and not even the "bouble bouble" theme (for those who belong to the pre-playstation school). I know some people think it sound "dumb" music but somebody else like Taylor Deupree would not agree (that's why he also opened an all-japanese-pop oriented label) and that's a point for our beloved samurais. The influence are quite varied but the strongest impression you have after it's over is that's music based on childish melodies or nannies. Well done, easy listening but particular enough to be different from the most of the average band playing this kind of style.


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