Saturday, July 11, 2020
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Title: Junica
Format: CD
Label: Carpark Records (@)
Rated: *****

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First released on Involve Records in New Zealand, Over The Atlantic’s debut album JUNICA has now been reissued for a worldwide distribution by Carpark Records. The two releases differ because two tracks of the first edition ("Life Of A Seed" and "Never Listening" are the missing tracks of the new print) and because the different track listing. Over The Atlantic is a duo formed by Bevan Smith (also active as Signer) and Nick Brinkman (who played guitar in several bands since he was a teenager) who’s able to blend pop freshness (thanks to their way of singing, using also different vocal tracks one dubbed on the other) with late 80’s influences (see the opening "Starsign" that sound like a Jesus & Mary Chain outtake or "France" that sounds just like the My Bloody Valentine did). But don’t think about Over The Atlantic as an outlet of old sounds because the duo bring pop to a new level, using guitars and laptops just to create light melodies and catchy tunes. Be sure to check the nine minutes of the closing "Fly to the States", this will prove that Over The Atlantic isn’t only about nice pop songs.


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