Thursday, July 16, 2020
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Artist: OIL 10
Title: Beyond
Format: CD
Label: Funk Welten (@)
Rated: *****
After releasing several albums during the last decade, Gilles Rossire with BEYOND releases his first full lenght for Funk Welten, the Black Rain sublabel focused on ambient and futuristic sounds. Influenced deeply by Kraftwerk, Vangelis and J. M. Jarre, Gilles takes the sound of European electronic music precursors just to re-process it into a modern blend of ambient, dance and techno, succeeding into the creation of a convincing mix. If the opening "Synchro 4 all" is a technoid dark ambient intro based on bleeps, pulsating rhythms and pads, the following one, "High adventure", is like a Kraftwerk ambient dance track. "Tele tone" is more electro and if "High adventure" was recalling the Kraftwerk for the use of vocoder, this one remember them for the use of scales made by those carachteristics synthetic tones (do you remember "Pocket calculator"?). "Grand illusion" expand even more the concept of ambient dance music, because it seems to listening to a dance version of early Biosphere. "Far & away" recall me the last Bartos album but shifted into a space scenario. "X fleet" is a little more techno / early e.b.m. but Gilles mix it with a sound that seems coming from the sci-fi movies of the '50s: something similar to a theremin but with a better control of melody. "Departure" recall J.M. Jarre way of using melody just like its following "Boarding pass" make the French way of playing electronic music revive. "Mach III" is a potential dance floor killer while the closing "My neighbor Hayao" is a beautiful electronic ballad that has a bitter taste that make you want to play the album from the start and nowadays this isn't a common thing! Great album, indeed!


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