Monday, August 3, 2020
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Title: Live in Turin '04
Format: CD
Label: Setola di Maiale (@)
Rated: *****
I think you may know Stefano Giust being him the guy behind Setola di Maiale, but if you never heard Rediffusion consider this improvisational/electronic duo is constantly collaborating with Nicolette (a.k.a. Massive Attack former singer). Ok, after this obvious introduction erase what you know and restart again: this is an all electronic release with a deep electronic/experimental mood. We’re talking about rhythmical music (Giust is playing electronic pads), I write that 'cause many tracks are kinda danceable and considering the most of the material is coming from a live session, I imagine the people present at the gig probably moved their feet and asses to the beat of this trio. Danceable, electronic not glitchy and with a dub accent...I don't know if they're from Bristol, but I don't think I'm exaggerating if I say so many english musicians during the last years have been deeply influenced by dub music (just think to Mick Harris, Jah Wobble, Kevin Martin, Tricky, to name a few). If the global image is that of a soft release don't take it too light-heartedly since sometimes it's strange and with a night feel (post-club music?), but in general I think it could have appeal also for a dance/rave crowd. Good, above all considering that's a live session.


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