Wednesday, August 12, 2020
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Hypnoskull: (G.O.D.) - once again

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Artist: Hypnoskull (@)
Title: (G.O.D.) - once again
Format: CD
Label: Spectre (@)
Rated: *****
Hypnoskull is one of the loudest and most dissident voices of the international industrial scene. Based in Belgium, Hypnoskull releases a CD on an Antwerp-based label for the first time in his career and you can definitely hear the Belgian influences at work here. The sound is as powerful and saturated as it gets in that country full of great industrial sonics and bands (if you like the sound coming from labels like Daft and Spectre, you'll love this too!).Hard hitting pounding industrial beats with brick-wall compressed ear-splitting saturated sounds and surgery-precision injections and cuts of highy defined and sophisticated sequences and layers of other sounds (I seem to recognize some sounds from some records, but maybe Hypnoskull is deeply into sound designing rather than sampling when it comes to sounds). To top it all off this record pushes the boundaries of politically correct (if there even is such a thing for an artist as outspoken and non-mainstream as this) by mixing in a vast array of samples of military voices from the battlefields (all carefully pitched for anonymity and effectiveness; sounds like they come from war movies or war video games). To make the machine-approach sound more human AND convey a socially-minded thought-provoking message, Hypnoskull walked the extra mile, and that just deserves attention and prise in my opinion. A great electro-power-industrial record with some balls and a message: just the way I like it! There should be more artists like Hypnoskull... Rather than a bunch of sheeps with nothing to say, finally we have somebody that makes a fuss without just making noise.Look out for his follow-up record "Panik Mekanik" on Ant-Zen.


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