Wednesday, July 15, 2020
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Title: s/t
Format: CD
Label: Hapna (@)
Rated: *****
Giuseppe Ielasi... yes the "relentless" Ielasi?...his personal discography keeps increasing and the fact he made it on cult labels like Hapna means he’s getting the recognition he deserves. This time the cd opens with an heartbreaking gloomy lullaby that I'm sure will capture the attention of the most reticent listeners. Differently from its prelude, the rest of this release is more rhythmical and less easy listening as one could expect. Sure, Ielasi hasn't left his latest peculiarities back home, thus the second track gives slowly way to a simple melody. Track after track this sweet depression savour will remain on your lips, it goes really well with quiet summer nights, it gives way to a night ride were lights glimmer like small spots on you rear-view mirror. It's really hard to get how many/which instruments have been played and processed by the italian musician but the balance between analog and digital sound is definitely good. As I wrote there's more rhythm than ever before but it's relatively discrete and above all not disturbing at all. I think artistically Ielasi is in full blossoming of his fertility. There're a couple of brilliant melodies that I think will easily break the heart of the most emotional of you. Ielasi melancholic mood is giving some of its most juicy fruits.


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