Wednesday, September 23, 2020
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VVAA: Nobody's Diary

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Artist: VVAA
Title: Nobody's Diary
Format: CD
Label: Ninthwave Records (@)
Let's start our story twenty one years ago, when a joung fellow named Vince Clarke decided to quit his previous band, Depeche Mode, to start a solo career. He read an ad on NME where a r'n'b singer named Alison Moyet was searchig for a blues band. He answered to that ad, which had nothing to do with his way of composing, but luckily enough the duo soon after did some smash hit singles like "Don't Go" or "Nobody's Diary " giving to the audience and to history two album "Upstairs At Eric's" and "You And Me Both" plus a bunch of singles. Twenty years after, the synthpop fame of the duo hasn't reduced. On this tribute compilation you can find nineteen versions of Yazoo songs. Every band gives its interpretation of the songs creating some gems. I liked a lot the Empire State Human, Ganymede, Vivid Suspance, The Agency, Cosmicity, Exhibition, Spray, Jimmy Harris versions and the particular Elevated Sins' "Winter Kills" which was sung like a '70s band. Do you remember the chorus Queen were used to do? Well, something like that. Really amazing for a synthpop track! Recommended also if you aren't a Yazoo's hard fan!


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