Wednesday, July 8, 2020
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Title: Hundloka, Flockblomstriga 1
Format: CDS (CD Single)
Label: Hapna (@)
Rated: *****
When mr. De Waard (Vital Weekly) writes Hapna is a kick ass label I think he's right. Honestly of all the possible directions of melodic music to become experimental and the option to save experimental musicians from getting boring: I think this label has chose one of the most interesting routes. It's not just one record, I think the majority of their releases have just something more. For example take this Anders Dahl’s recording: how many acoustic guitar driven cds have you heard this year? And how many of them where interesting?...Dahl mixed a good psych-folk song writing a la Grubbs/Fahey with a personal experimental extravaganza. If you miss those inspired and enlightened Gastr Del Sol’s ideas, I think he will give you what you’re looking for. An acoustic track thus can become a drone-based/odd crescendo that brings the mood to its climax. Hundloka's three tracks create a continuum even if they're different one from each other (just listen the passage from the first to the second "movement"). Concrete elements and acoustic instruments married splendidly with a spew of electronics to keep everything together. Another nice trip sponsored by Hapna.


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