Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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Deine Lakaien: White Lies

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Artist: Deine Lakaien
Title: White Lies
Format: CD
Label: Chrom Records (@)
Distributor: Public Propaganda
It's way too rare to hear a good experimental electronic/classical crossover, and I wish there were more of them out there. Alongside Das Ich, this is the fianl word that the two can perfectly mix together, and you can tell just by listening to anything of Deine Lakaien or Helium Vola (or in fact any of their projects) that the classicly trained Ernst Horn puts a lot of time and restraint into each of the songs, playing it note by note rather than just looping. And Alexander's vocals are tenor yet smooth,not becoming a cariacature like Pavoroti, and it's kinda sensual in a Barry White kinda way. You can tell he's also been put hard through the opera boot camp as well and it paid off well, not to mention almost 20 years in the business, and the poofiest and coolest hair in the business. I want hair like that for Christmas! "Wunderbar" is a nice slow number, laced with piano and Alexander's vocals smoothing them out even more. The weird twangs and organic drumming give the single "Generators" a weird dance vibe in a slow, warping way,showing they can definitely dance music with organization rather than 'boom chukka boom kick' like most do. "Kiss" is another great dance single choice, a little more upbeat this time around, and laced with a nice thick bass beat and classical piano and organ lines courtesy of Ernst Horn the mighty. "Lost" is nice and slow yet again, until the minimal,restrained chorus line bounces and pops about,flowing yet catching you by surprise nonetheless. And my favorite,and especially made for suckers of classical like me, "Fleeting", with it's gentle bass beats and violin solos,as teh title says,fleeting. Kind of reminds me of the last song on the movie "Iris" except with tenor vocals. The violin solo in the middle is worth the price of the CD alone,import or no, and should have been the single rather than "Generators". But the latter has more of a club feel, so I think that appropriates the choice. And for you into old school electro ala Chris and Cosey and Anything Box, we have "Hands White" and "Stupid". Whatever language that is on "Hands White" is I don't know.In short,if it weren't for the import prices, I would have damn well owned every Deine Lakaien under the sun. If you love classical,electro-pop,or tenor vocals (not to mention the poofy hair!), and have a few extra dollars for the import prices,then definitely put this on your list. Helium Vola is another great reccomendation as well, as well as Ernst Horn's solo projects. Hell any of their projects,actually. Rating: 10 :) Classical,baby! ooooohhhh yeah dig it!


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