Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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Artist: Centrozoon (@)
Title: Angel Liquor
Format: CD
Label: Divine Frequency
Rated: *****
Centrozoon is a German-based electronic trio revolving around touch-guitar player Markus Reuter (Europa String Choir), painter, synth and percussion player Bernhard Wöstheinrich (The Redundant Rocker) and singer Tim Bowness (No-Man). Since 1998, they have been delighting us with fine electronic ambient music and their latest record "Angel Liquor" contains five tracks spanning over one hour in lenght that cast a hi-pitched cloud-flavored veil of ethereal synthscapes and atmospheric guitar sounds. In this particular record, Tim Bowness' voice is either not present or has been treated, just like the guitar, to the point where you cannot even make out what the original source of the sound was. In other words you won't be hearing any singing and the percussive elements are also very few and far in between. This sporadically paced approach makes for a very cinematic experience that you'll probably best enjoy in a lowly lit and quiet environment. In other words this is not your average hop-on-the-train iPod record. Try to thoroughly enjoy these hovering and hypnotic thin-layered patterns and you just might be discovering and re-discovering new subtle nuances with every new listening pass.