Friday, June 5, 2020
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DVATION: Metamorphose

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Artist: DVATION (@)
Title: Metamorphose
Format: CD
Label: self-released
Rated: *****
This is the new full length of one of Germany’s most talented newcomer acts in the wide filed of the Electro/Industrial genre. After having discovered this talented duo on some compilations on labels like Wire or the X-Cem community, they have here 14 track and over 70 minutes long CD, completely produced from the first note up to the ending product on their own. And the more I listen to this Metamorphose, I ask myself, why this act isn’t signed until today. Musically they pretty much based into the Dark Electro/EBM genre, their style fits well with acts of the NoiTekk roster for sure. TACTICAL SEKT, GRENDEL or the new released US act LIFE CRIED come here as a possible reference to my mind. DVATION somehow presenting well this harsh Endzeit/Hellektro style of EBM/Electro, yes – they kick some of the established acts out of the field! The arrangements are filled with several interesting ideas, especially for the rich and detailed produced rhythm patterns. Add to this some rough and brutal distorted vocals – genre-typical I would say. They don’t take any prisoners for sure with the included favorites "Rotten, "Respectless – You Bitch" and of course "Smouldering Hatred". Please note also the fast paced "Razorblade Games" and the final and very dark piece here, "They’re Watching You". Again – I don’t get it why this act isn’t signed. What are the A + R managers of the big Industrial labels doing all days? Sleeping, maybe?Fans of the above mentioned acts take some bugs and purchase this great item from the source! A band to follow immediately.