Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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Artist: AM INC. (@)
Title: Feuchte Hosen
Format: CD EP
Label: ProNoize (@)
Distributor: Broken Silence
Rated: *****
Okay – this is for sure the fun-pack of the quarter! Feuchte Hosen (wet trousers – better said: wet slips, uuuhmmm...) is – of course – a part of a used voice sample maybe out of a teeny comedy. Released under the ProNoize label it shows already the musically coarse – take this sample and combine it with hammering and of course rhythmically Powernoise-inspired efforts. Ready done – Ladies and Gentlemen, here we have definitively the next CLUB HIT! Add to this some remix works created by well known scene-related acts like NOISUF-X and XOTOX, both also recording under the ProNoize wings, and also some remix works more dedicated to the classic Electro scene done by the well known [S.I.T.D.] and the label comrades of MECHANICAL MOTH. Yes, this track has more to offer then simply hanging in overdone distortion and endless monotony, nevertheless the genius of course is based in this voice sample. The man behind this project is Sebastian Stockdreher of the smoother project ANGELUS MORTIS and with AM INC. he presents us here his harder side of music ranging between Electro and Powernoise. Three more tracks can be heard, all of them are nearer to any Electro/EBM production than to Powernoise, but okay. The music is instrumental and is filled with voice samples. 8 tracks in all on this EP which should feature one of the most recognized club hits for the next evenings in the dark clubs.