Wednesday, June 3, 2020
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Artist: GRANDCHAOS (@)
Title: In Sedens
Format: 2 x CD (double CD)
Label: Deathkon Media / Vendetta-Music
Rated: *****
It was at first the idea to bring out an EP with a few remix works on the latest works of this classic EBM act hailing from the motherland of EBM, Belgium. Up until Tcheleskov Ivanovic, the man behind GRANDCHAOS learned to known Nader Moumneh, most of you surely better known under his Side-Line forum pseudonym "Electrofreak". With a lot of euphoria, his unbreakable dedication to old-school EBM and the intention to help Tcheleskov out by collecting some good and known acts presenting musically this required style of music, this EP has grown into a DCD on which both CD’s take a playing time of more than 70 minutes each. Nader Moumneh’s addiction for the only one and real kind of electronic music, old school inspired EBM, has made it possible that several classic acts made a step out the shadows some of them currently drowning in and we have here some not expected returns like the long missed German acts TRIAL, SERPENTS or ARMAGEDDON DILDOS. This is also the first official release of Deathkon Media, which is powered and published by Vendetta-Music, a US-based mail order service. I normally do not print the track listing into a review, if it’s not a compilation. But this DCD can be seen as a compilation, so take a look below to discover a lot of familiar of up and coming as well as veteran acts of the international Electro/Industrial scene. Of course it can be hefty argued if a DCD collection featuring a such a huge amount of remix works (...there are 12 (!!!) different remixes for the track "God Is Dead"...) makes any sense, but the idea and concept behind this release is definitively new and I can’t remember to have discovered anything comparable before. Also the few own compositions by GRANDCHAOS aren’t that outstanding in between the remix stuff, that I would tend to name them here. Regarding the bunch of tracks and so also the given diversity through the remix contributions, it is a bit hard to figure out the best tunes here. The already mentioned TRIAL get definitively a vote for their remix, because they added some addictive snare drums in their very own and authentic kind. DIGITAL FACTOR’s remix for "God Is Dead" also surprises with some biting bass lines, much more aggressive than expected. The French sensation NEON CAGE EXPERIMENT could lay their talented hands on In Sedens and also this piece drifts far away from the original. Muscle EBM is also rich featured, well done and produced by IONIC VISION, PANZERLAB, VOLT or MILITANT CHEERLEADERS ON THE MOVE. A lot of stuff here to discover, and I’m a bit nailed by the mass. Make sure to check this item out, if authentic old school EBM is your favorite stuff.

1. in sedens > bak XIII (extended version) 7:35 (120BPM)
2. electro troop > cobalt 60 3:00 (132BPM)
3. god is dead > trial 3:11 (138BPM)
4. groundlight > sphere lazza 4:44 (140BPM)
5. god is dead > ic434 5:50 (138BPM)
6. raving mad > brain leisure 4:48 (138BPM)
7. god is dead > digital factor 5:03 (138BPM)
8. the enemy > grandchaos 2:59 (120BPM)
9. in sedens > skoyz 5:17 (120BPM)
10. mutant x > electro synthetic rebellion 5:28 (138BPM)
11. god is dead > armageddon dildos 3:19 (138BPM)
12. open source > grandchaos 3:56 (138BPM)
13. god is dead > plastic noise experience 4:27 (138BPM)
14. density > severe illusion 4:35 (127,5BPM)
15. god is dead > tyske ludder 3:54 (138BPM)
16. raving mad > K-bereit 3:52 (150BPM)
17. in sedens > neon cage experiment 6:56 (120BPM)

1. god is dead > ionic vision 3:40 (138BPM)
2. horror > grandchaos (forrestbeast remix) 3:19 (120BPM)
3. god is dead > panzerlab 3:25 (138BPM)
4. groundlight > terminal state 4:36 (140BPM)
5. god is dead > synaptic defect 4:03 (138BPM)
6. raving mad > kifoth 5:14 (138BPM)
7. god is dead > serpents 4:29 (138BPM)
8. density > last influence of brain 5:40 (085BPM)
9. in sedens > datacode division 4:38 (120BPM)
10. god is dead > volt 4:05 (138BPM)
11. electro troop > depressive disorder 4:57 (83BPM)
12. open source > atopic 4:26 (13B,411PM)
13. dream factory > grandchaos (nightmare remix) 4:54 (120BPM)
14. mutant x > disharmony 5:10 (105BPM)
15. god is dead > militant cheerleaders on the move 3:38 (138BPM)
16. mutant x > violent entity 5:36 (138BPM)
17. in sedens > bak XIII ((new beat remix) 4:17 (120BPM)