Wednesday, June 3, 2020
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Title: Too Low To Miss
Format: CD
Label: Global Underground (@)
Distributor: Audioglobe
Rated: *****

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Formed by DJ Ashley Casselle, Ben Lost on vocals and with the help of Paul Rogers (Sasha's collaborator) and house producer Asad Risvi, The Remote on their first album TOO LOW TO MISS are able to blend 80s flavour electronic songs (check "She’s going out tonight") with house rhythms and electro techno catchy moments (like on "Big design"). Even if their style is mixing with the genres they are able to create a fresh mixture where the déjà vu is out of sight. Tracks like "Play it rosa" remind me of Paul Haig but The Remote produce tracks where pop melodies are surrounded by tiny bleeps, strong rhythms and thousand of other electronic sounds that layered make you lose your senses. Often you'll find yourself being attracted by the sounds while you were following the melody of a song. The 80s new wave influence is present in many tracks but if you want to check a catchy one, try the instrumental "Right meat" or the closing "Change your mind". If you look for electro punk, check the "Like you" guitars but if you want to try some electro ambient "Bream" is the one for you. This is a cool way of mixing genres and TOO LOW TO MISS is an album you’d want to check if you are into new wave and electro dance sounds.