Saturday, July 11, 2020
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IMPLANT: Fading Away

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Artist: IMPLANT (@)
Title: Fading Away
Format: CD EP
Label: Alfa Matrix (@)
Distributor: Soulfood
Rated: *****
A new output of Belgium’s most dedicated studio wizard, Len Lemeire, and his known IMPLANT moniker. Released to be an EP, but 12 tracks close to what can be called a full-length album. As usual, Len’s music is still hard ton categorize. He’s one of the very few talented musicians who is able to handle with lot of diverse styles ranging between EBM, Electro, Dark Techno, up to Trance and Electro-Clash. This release is another fine proof of his unbroken talent. His high prolific work is known also internationally, and some known scene acts have made some valuable contributions, like the female Dark Pop/Wave icon Anne Clark, who gave her known voice for three tracks here. We have also big names like LEAETHER STRIP (offers a remix on "Was It Always This Way", added his own voice to the track and produced in this way a nice duet with Anne Clark...), ZOMBIE GIRL (a remix for the title track, plus a special vocal appearance of front girl Renee C.-Komor...), the sorely missed US legend CUT.RATE.BOX (a remix for "Murderous Thoughts", hopefully the time in hiatus for this acts ands now...), NOISUF-X (a "piano-versus-distortion" remix of the track "Your World", also featuring Anne Clark...), UNTER NULL (guest vocals on "You Push Me", plus there’s also a rough remix by C-DRONE DEFECT of this track on here...), NEGATIVE FORMAT (a typical remix on "Murderous Thoughts"), MILLIMETRIC and AUTO-AUTO (both created remixes for Fading Away). So get a full scale of modern Electro/Industrial music which should be able to satisfy all tastes. A lot of stuff to pick up, no filling stuff available here, this release will rotate often in your player, get it!


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