Wednesday, June 3, 2020
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Artist: (etre) (@)
Title: A post fordist parade in the strike of events
Format: CD
Label: Baskaru (@)
Rated: *****
Hey, there're two remarkable points concerning Baskaru catalogue so far: one is the fact at the moment the label seems to be a kind of italian colony, but second and most important, the high quality of their releases is surprising. I was amazed by Ent but with Urkuma and (etre) I'm unquestionably convinced the label is one of the most interesting european electronic oriented one. Coming down to (etre), the "freeglitch" word in the net address and the beginning of the cd could be a good suggestion "glitch" is one of this musician’s favourite weapons, but he's been able to work differently from the average pointless glitchy release. In "A post fordist..." glitches are nothing but a platform from where to leave to get somewhere/nowhere, cyclical structures quite often get violently stopped or are subjected to a gradual transformation, the juxtaposition of glitches and psychedelic (?) influences helps to digest what otherwise could result obsessive. Yes, as you can guess the most of the tracks have a definite rhythmical cut, but (etre) added melody (he's italian for God’ sake!!). Great production, good taste and some intense tracks (Considering the hypnosis of the stone, When you cry for the first time on this heart) after some private and net release that's a confirmation for those who believe it in his qualities.