Saturday, May 30, 2020
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Artist: MASHROOM (@)
Title: The Ginko
Format: CD
Label: Zahr (@)
Rated: *****
This new release on Zahr by sicilian Mashrooms is perfectly positioned in their rock, emotional, melodic, post-rock ranks of the label. Differently from many of their unlucky contemporaries, Mashrooms probably had a clear perception of what they wanted and how to get it, and if you just check the production (David Lenci plus John Cogleton from Paperchase fame) I think it all becomes more than a palpable suspicion. Post-rock? Neee, I'd better write "pop"-rock schemes/solutions but don't worry, that’s far from that boring "wishy-washy" Mogway direction, these guy are from Catania (Uzeda, Carmen Consoli, Flor, White Tornado): therefore "rock" means "rock". If you're thinking they're Shellac (ergo Uzeda) oriented like too many bands from there, you're again wrong, if we’ve to make a comparison to tsome other talented Sicilian we’re closer to Twing Infection/Tellaro's sound and I think that's a good thing considering it’s 2006. Solid-emotional-Louisville-oriented-guitar-rock with a good indie-sensibility, a violin to make the sup more tasteful and some good vocals where you need them. I can't say "The Ginko" will change your life, but sure it's one of those record where you can't but notice there's a kick ass production/quality, everything’s at the right place, simple but incisive. The teamwork of Cogleton plus Lenci gave the american-rock quality trademark to the natural skill of this five italians. Could it be from the U.S.? Sure, let's say it sounds much better than many American bands playing this style which in itself is a result.