Wednesday, June 3, 2020
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Artist: FIRST NATION (@)
Title: First Nation
Format: CD
Label: Paw Tracks (@)
Rated: *****

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Have you ever wondered to know how a cabaret version of Slits could sound? Well, now your chance to satisfy your curiosity has come. First Nation is a group of girls that were used to support The Animal Collective and now they have their chance to prove their talent and just by listening to the first three songs I can say that their distinctive tribal minimal style is really functional. Listen to "Monkey" for example and you’ll realize that the apparent shabby style could be an updated version of Virgin Prunes, where punk, folk and controlled chaos create a sort of friendly freak. "Swells" could sound as a new version of "Sweet Home Under White Clouds" only with the instruments out of control. I really appreciated their attitude and even if their sound is less devastating respect the Irish band I loved so much, First Nation in my opinion aren’t a hippy band of the new millennium. Maybe their way of dealing with music could make the audience think so but if creativity passes from here, then there could be only a word left to say... PEACE!