Wednesday, September 23, 2020
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NoComment: Best Of 1992-2204

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Artist: NoComment
Title: Best Of 1992-2204
Format: CD
Label: Nanopop
Distributor: nova
Seeing they toured with Apop recently made me a bit worried considering my blood hatred of the new Apop stuff. But I'll give them this : they do the whole techno pop thing alot better than Apooptygma ever could! The lead singer is quite adept, and kinda reminds me of Rhea of La Floa Maldita with more of a swagger. To mention anyone in the same breath as La Floa Maldita is no light praise at all! The rest is just good simple pop pleasure, pure and simplely joyful. I wonder though when looking at the cover "Is that Jimmy Kimbell from the Man Show?" on the left,haha.The first single "It's Not Too Late" is probably a hit over in Germany since they actually go for good pop like this, and it's made for Euro radio,pure and simple. Painkiller also caught my attention as well as Obsession. Every track on here seems pretty solid and catchy except for Megaphone, which tends to mire a bit. I'd love to interview this group but someone already beat me to it! In short,nice and simple techno pop oldfashioned and simple,kinda like Beborn Beton or Anything Box but a bit with more techno feel, and a incredibly cute lead singer with alot more swagger than idiots like Apoop can ever think of touching! Rating:9. And also it comes with some goodies like a password for 10 free song downloads and 30 songs plus those. :) I say go for it!


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