Wednesday, June 3, 2020
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Artist: ZOMBIE GIRL (@)
Title: Back From The Dead
Format: CD EP
Label: Alfa Matrix (@)
Distributor: Soulfood
Rated: *****
Thanks to the unbeatable success of husband Sebastian R. Komor (ICON OF COIL, MONOFADER, MOONITOR, BRUDERSCHAFT, producer jobs for SPECTRALIZED and so on...) also Ms Renee Cooper-Komor can now look on a CD release in the Electro/Industrial music scene. This sounds a bit expected – also the fact that this female leaded act got signed by Alfa Matrix. Nevertheless the debut of this ZOMBIE GIRL was hardly awaited by community and maybe moreover from some DJ’s, because this project could enter a lot of recognition thanks to the bot compilation appearances on "Advanced Electronics Vol. 4" and on the Alfa Matrix comp Cyberl@b 5. Both presented tracks, "We Are The Ones" and "I Want It" are also here in their original version available, plus they received alternative remix versions done by good names like ICON OF COIL (no – not Mr. LaPleague...) and the Infacted Recording artist SOMAN. Two more tracks have found the way on this debut, "Creepy Crawler" (which also got remixed by the legendary KMFDM, it ROCKS...) and "Bleeder", and – don’t ask me why, I do enjoy them here the best. Musically ZOMBIE GIRL are based in the gray area of danceable Synth-/ and Futurepop, real EBM efforts are sparse mixed in. Lyrically – you may expected this – this projects covers all related themes of being a zombie, you know, all that cliche-loaded stuff of eating a human brain. Not very innovative at all, but it fits with the image of this act and I’ve recognized the black humor behind it. The problem I have with it is that this stuff doesn’t come over really reliable – that’s maybe the biggest difference to the female label comrade UNTER NULL.I don’t understand the overdone hype of this act – but hey, that’s just me. It’s average, not more.