Wednesday, June 3, 2020
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Title: Frozen
Format: CD EP
Label: Alfa Matrix (@)
Distributor: Soulfood
Rated: *****
There are out several more or less interesting collaborations or questionable side-projects between bands out of the Electro/Industrial scene – and then this! Electro/EBM veteran Dirk Ivens aka DIVE joins the studio battlefields with one of the best talents the Electro/Industrial scene of Belgium has ever brought out, DISKONNEKTED aka Jan De Wulf. Both haven’t seen a sense to create a funny pseudonym for this project, they rather believed in the good effect of their names, which is a wise decision. So to all of you listeners – and I tend to say this in advance – we have here one of the best EP’s in this year - maybe the best which the Alfa Matrix label ever brought out!!! Take both winning elements – the noisy minimal Electro of DIVE to his "Concrete Jungle" and mix it with the unbelievable talents of DIKONNEKTED, dancey breakbeats and rhythm patters par excellence – and ready is a refreshing mixture I couldn’t imagine of. You have never heard DIVE into his best phase that danceable and for all who found DISKONNEKTED too poppy – well here is Jan’s darker side rich presented. Four new tracks which all feature Dirk’s nice and a bit dramatic voice – and they all will satisfy you. Adding to this four remarkable remix works which offer another fine surprise with the return of another Electro/Industrial legend, NUMB aka Don Gordon offers a remix work on the main track Frozen – surprisingly a very melodious one without the beast-like noise attacks and effects, which this act made that famous and sought-after in the history of Electro/Industrial music. Also the other remix works deserve the mentioning, LEAETHER STRIP turns Frozen into a straight Electro piece, while the COMBICHRIST remix of "Do You Believe It" more than ever heard before joins a minimal Powernoise effort very much in vein of the self-titled first DIVE album. Also the remix work of the new Alfa Matrix signing INURE deserves the fully respect by adding more modern bass lines and rhythm patterns to the original. So we have 8 tracks in all and no filling stuff. I hope the best that both artists will soon find the time to join again this collaboration project. More stuff is required here!