Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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TAXIM: Ecclesiophobia

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Artist: TAXIM
Title: Ecclesiophobia
Format: CD
Label: Telegrammetry Recordings (@)
Distributor: DSBP
Rated: *****
This is a release published by the new Miami-based label Telegrammetry, which we at the Chain D.L.K. like to welcome to the world of Electro/Industrial music. With the German one-man act TAXIM, this label presents here after a compilation called "Weatherhead" and a release by ELEMENT 104, their third official CD release. Shame on me that I haven’t heard before of and about TAXIM, although we’re countrymen! TAXIM, consisting of Alex Ney, plays generally a fast paced Dark Electro/Industrial music, mostly aggressive and straight – that kind of "4/4 on the floor" that keeps some bodies of the Rivethead culture in motion. The speed of the tracks can be seen as a difference to other acts out of the scene, especially for Dark Electro music. I nevertheless got the feeling that TAXIM’s music is generally more leaded by its dark melodic mood, which turns at times into a diabolic attitude (nothing wrong with this – a lot of bands tend to "play" with related things...). The fast tracks here get also some well played interruptions with the calm and with piano sounds arranged pieces like "Freier Fall" or "Das Schwarze Kreuz". Take the music efforts by acts like FEINDFLUG or the BLC Productions recording artist BETA as possible comparisons and you maybe get an idea, how the stuff of TAXIM sounds. Here we have the little flaw of this release, which I would like to criticize: as much I am impressed by the music efforts and abilities of TAXIM (check back the outstanding "Das 25. Jahr"), I am a bit disappointed how poor and sparse Alex decided to fill in his vocals. Some more tracks which can be seen as real compositions also for the lyrics wouldn’t be bad. That he can do it well, he proofs on the final track "Time Out" – it is definitively next to the hard driving and pummeling "Inkompatibel" the highlight of this CD. Check back the given resources here and/or the cool DSBP mail order service and get this promising release of this new and refreshing artist.