Wednesday, June 3, 2020
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CRYO: Cryogenic

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Artist: CRYO (@)
Title: Cryogenic
Format: CD
Label: Progress Productions (@)
Distributor: Border Music
Rated: *****
Another fine debut for the growing Armada of the Swedish Progress Productions! The long awaited first CD for Martin Rudefelt’s project CRYO is finally out now and – to make the diversity of the label program perfect – his musically direction tends to integrate the ideas of some old school EBM classics played with the technique of the current times. What I’ve already discovered with the marvelous track "The Pain" appearing on the Plutonium Showcase Vol. 2 compilation, finds here a well and full of decent ideas produced continuation. It is always great to hear a release based on this old school vibe without falling into that "copying old NEP bass lines with shouted vocals" syndrome - this syndrome is without doubt also heavily based in Sweden, but Martin has spend a lot of efforts not to fall into this cliche. His music is cold and machinated, also mostly very static along the lines. Nevertheless his tracks offer a lot of free space to express some nice worked out effects, just use this CD under a good pair of headphones – you’ll be amazed about the used stereo mix! I also don’t share the opinion, that Cryogenic sounds "like a logical follow-up of COVENANT’s "Sequencer" – a few similar bass lines like presented in "One" do not at allow a comparison between apples and pears – I would moreover say that CRYO can be the Swedish answer on acts like the French E.S.R., only focusing on the more minimal and old school influenced part of EBM/Electro. Another winning point of CRYO is the sound and diversity of Martin’s vocals – no matter if clear ("The Pain"), filled with distortion effects ("Does It Hurt") or vocoderized ("Want It" or "Uniform"). I hope the best for a total breakthrough for this amazing project with a similar success like his label comrades of HYPE could earn, they entered lately the official album sale charts of Sweden. Well, that’s maybe a bit too pompous for CRYO, but the hope dies at last...