Monday, June 1, 2020
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Title: Ascension
Format: CD
Label: GUP / Endless Records (@)
Distributor: Alive!
Rated: *****
Yes, it took me a while until I had the right feeling for this review. But this has nothing to do that this release would lack somehow of quality, no, it depends more on the opposite of this. I have heard a lot of Synthpop/Futurepop influenced stuff, but lately nothing like this second CD of this Australian duo. Especially the vocals done by front man Jordan Robbins are somehow strange, but also beautiful placed in the mix, plus Robbins is able to change the octaves. A very catchy and important point in the music of RESURRECTION EVE for sure. But also the music has its quality and surprises to offer. Take the slow starting and with decent piano and flute sounds arranged "Hope" as a well produced reference here – the rich musical content only placed in this track beats a lot of Genre-related acts out of this playing field! RESURRECTION EVE have found the right feeling to fill in a well working melody when needed without sounding like heard several times before. And although they are sounding modern and up-to-date, they still do not feature that typical F-Pop sound, on which almost everybody has to suffer in between. Next to the already mentioned "Hope", I would like to advise you to check out their tracks "Life", Ascension (danceable, but strong melodic...) and "Guide Me Home" (remarkable Synthpop entertainment...). Also RESURRECTION EVE are a member of the Australian Crash Frequency community ( This album has a lot of to offer, also for some open-minded Electro listeners. What a pity that their label Ground Under Productions in Australia has finally closed their business doors – for Europe this great release is still available through Endless Records, for the USA you have to contact the known mail order resources like DSBP or Metropolis-Records. Get it!