Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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Artist: CLOAMA
Title: self-titled
Format: CD
Label: New Old Sentinel/Neuroscan
Rated: *****
Though Finnish project Cloama has an increasing series of cd/cdr/vinyl under its belt, this is my first exposure to it - and while I can hardly make any comparison, I guess that many of its works are far harsher and noisier than this one. Cloama's eponymous disc, coming in an A5 jacket, is an interesting mix of dark ambiences, throbbing synths and noises (though quite far from power electronics industrial), and manipulated samples, be they vocals, field recordings or stolen music (I even recognized some jazz in the fourth track). In this sense, the five tracks are quite similar to each other - all are quite cinematic and well constructed, with an interesting use of layers, but at the same time, and that's my main quibble with the work, they don't show much variation, composition-wise. Nevertheless, this remains an enjoyable release of post-industrial ambient, evoking some kind of nuclear dumping ground instead of immaculate landscapes.