Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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Artist: POLARLICHT 4.1
Title: Drittklangträger
Format: CD
Label: Zone 30 Records (@)
Rated: *****
After their debut album "Industrielle Hypnose", Polarlicht 4.1 are back with a new album. DRITTKLANGTRÄGER has been released in two different versions: a regular one containing eleven new tracks and a video and a double CD package (only 222 are available through the label's mailorder) containing also "Metronom", the album of Polarlicht 4.1 side project called Transistor. Polarlicht 4.1 present to the audience an album that will be loved or hated. There are no midways to be taken in this case because the tracks (three of them see also the collaboration of Wynargtage, Bluthund and Transistor) are based on a mixture of dark ambient and industrial music where vocals are used only on few parts. Rhythm has also an important part into the texture. The effect created is like a magma of sound where distortion, rhythms and tension play the most important part on the process. Personally I found the album a bit too homogeneous but the hardcore fans will find it intriguing.