Saturday, June 6, 2020
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Artist: VV.AA.
Title: Electronic Renaissance
Format: 12"
Label: Enfant Terrible (@)
Rated: *****
Compilations for independent bands are always a chance to get known but they are also an hazard for the buyer because sometimes a cool track isn’t enough for understanding the quality of a band. ELECTRONIC REINAISSANCE brings to the attention of its five hundred potential buyers twelve bands/tracks of pure retro electronic new wave produced by nowadays bands. All the bands have the distinctive analogue sound of the Roland / Korg gear and each of them give their personal view of the genre giving to it an experimental treatment, an electro e.b.m. touch or a minimal detached approach. Fortunately most of the tracks are intriguing and worth a listening. Among the others I preferred the tracks of: Porn Darsteller ("L'Ingénue"), Jeunesse Fantôme ("Ksiezyc"), Wermut ("Media In Vita In Morte Sumus"), Solitarien Effekten ("Zeitgeist Overkill"), Konform ("Nachts") and La Comtesse Morte ("No No Never").