Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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Artist: AMBASSADOR 21 (@)
Title: Weight Of Death
Format: CD
Label: Invasion Wreck Chords (@)
Distributor: Ant Zen
Rated: *****
After intensively touring Europe Ambassador 21 concentrated their efforts on an important step of their musical career: the second album. For this reason they gathered their friends coming from Invasion Wreck Chords roster to help out: guitar riffs are by Ctrler, bass guitars by Mark Kammerbauer, Converter collaborated on "'New doctrine about trinity II" (already released on August as online single), Mothboy is on "Winter trip 2" (an ambient industrial track really intriguing), while Roger Rotor collaborated on "Delete the elite", which sees on backing vocals Proyecto Mirage, Synapscape, Rasputeen, Asche and Ctrler. Respect the old releases WEIGHT OF DEATH finds a better organized noise structure. If on "Akcija" the main thing was the "assault effect" on this new album the chaos has been better organized. Probably the various guests had an important role on this but I think that Alexey and Natasha are now more confident and trained into creating tracks where punk impetuosity, distorted sounds and break core rhythms find a good balance into their distinctive wall of sound. In this way the guitar riffs break through the shouted anthems of the duo while pumping drum sounds beat the rhythm of a riot's soundtrack. Ambassador 21 are tuning up their weapons and as they say: "the bullet changes the power fast".