Friday, June 5, 2020
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UR: Baptism & Birthday

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Artist: UR (@)
Title: Baptism & Birthday
Format: CD
Label: self-released
Rated: *****
Ur are an Italian trio (at least in this release, since they are now collaborating with a saxophonist too) coming from a hardcore-punk background, but playing gloomy industrial noise. This DIY two-track cdr is probably their first semi-official release, while a new one on Andrea Marutti's AFE Records should be out later this year; and I do hope more will follow, as they surely deserve more exposure. What's quite peculiar of this project is that most of their recordings come from live performances, not from studio recordings - this gives a sense of flow and development that a more rigid composition would not allow. The first track actually suffers a bit from this characteristic, since there are some "hollow" and repetitive moments in its mix of metallic bashing, samples and pedal feedback, but the second one is definitely great: the vocal loops are especially well arranged, turning into an obsessive insect-like drone. At their best, Ur could sound like a cross between NON's vocal-based compositions (circa "God & Beast") and IRM's visionary approach to power electronics. While they're essentially interested in performing live, I hope they try to crop and mix the best parts of their recordings into definite pieces, as that would surely lead to great results.