Saturday, July 11, 2020
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Artist: VV.AA.
Title: Berlin Insane III
Format: 2 x CD (double CD)
Label: Pale Music (@)
Rated: *****
Pale Music since three years ago organize each year a show called Berlin Insane that is held at the Club 103 in Berlin. Each year different bands and dj heat up the dance floor of the club with catching melodies and distorted rhythms (check also the website for more info on the Berlin Insane club tour). Compiled by The Scandals the third volume of BERLIN INSANE compilation present forty tracks of "sex rock and sleazy electronics" (as stated on the cover). The first CD contains nineteen tracks and it is more focused on the electro/techno side of dance music. Within the others you can find: Einsturzende Neubauten’s Rudi Moser bring us "Solo n.1" a dark track based on bass guitar and light metallic percussions, Miss Yetti picked up a minimal techno track titled "Never come back" from her latest album "Insights", Punx Soundcheck are present with "Vanity, poverty, revenge" with Marc Almond on vocals, Näd Mika is here with "Too intense" (an electro punk track coming from her upcoming album "Electronic beat bitch"), Bruder & Kronstädta with "Yalla" present a track influenced by hip hop, techno and punk, Atomizer with "Ball & chain" remembered me early Fischerspooner, Cycle with "Apple tree" incarnate an electro version of Pretenders, Bakterielle Infektion whip their synths to bring us "Actors on stage" which recalled me the atmospheres of Normal’s "Warm leatherette", The Drugs with "Liv'n die 4 Rock 'n' Rol" incarnate a mix of Cramps and D.A.F., Sexo Y Droga with "Hot hot woman" recalled me bands like Nine Pound Hammer (they were on Crypt). CD2 contains mostly bands that focus their sound on the punk side. Bands like: The Nothings (their "I like drugs" is really a punk 77 track), Junesex ("Get’s close to mine" sounds like Blondie with electro instruments), Kesse Teens ("Chica chica" recalled me Yeah Yeah Yeahs), Kook’s "Club Gorgeus" is electro, punk and funk at the same time, Quasimodo Jones ("Cannibal woman" sounds like Devo on acid) while Monotekktoni with "I have done" seems a goth band with a broken sample (but they are really interesting). With Liquid Ice we are back on the electro side with the beautiful ambient robotic "Ignorance bliss". BERLIN INSANE III is a good chance to check the health of the new electro/techno scene and believe me if I tell you that it is in good health!


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