Friday, July 10, 2020
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Artist: ACT NOIR (@)
Title: Automatisme Psychique
Format: CD
Label: My Kingdom Music (@)
Distributor: Masterpiece Distribution
Rated: *****

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Born at the end of the 90s from the ashes of an electronic goth band called Alma Mater, Act Noir started to work at their sound soon after. The tuning of the new sound took different time and during the three years that Sergio lived in Denmark, he found Nicholas (the actual singer) which already was the singer of The Universals (a space rock band). From that moment with a defined line up the band started to work at their first songs. The work ended up into their first five tracks demo CD titled "Cosmo minimized". AUTOMATISME PSYCHIQUE has been released three years after their first MCD and it contains nine songs and two remixes (an electro e.b.m. version of "Unheimlich" and the Act Noir version of Monumentum’s "Distance". Track that already was included into "Metastasi"). Even if the songs have a structure with an opening and a sort or refrain, the band’s sound is based most on ambience that really on melody. The first six tracks create the effect of a sort of long ambient rock opera with songs that fade into the following ones. It’s like the band composed dark rock tunes just to dilate them adding, sometimes, upbeat moments (like on "This something") where the mellowness is suddenly interrupted. Try to imagine a dark rock version of Rain Tree Crow (do you remember the album that Japan did with that moniker?) with electronic inserts and you’ll pretty have a picture of Act Noir’s sound. Even if sometimes I lost the concentration during the listening because of the dreamy effect created, I have to admit that the band has a personal sound and charisma but in my opinion they work best on tracks like "Automatisme psychique" or "Swerved rooms" where they enrich their sound with good melody lines and some upbeat tempos.


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