Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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Title: the amateur hermetic
Format: CD
Label: Komplott
Rated: *****
Thinking to the cd of Hanna Hartman I've the itch to think Komplott could be labelled as "field recording gone odd and dark" without any doubt this fits really well with this new release. Ronnie Sundin concentrated it all in just one track: a structured and elaborated suite with several crescendo and diminuendo obtained mainly thru a good mixing skill and leaving lot’s of the original sound source intact. "The amateur hermetic" differently from what the title suggests paints the landscape black as the colour of its cover and if you won't get this impression from the very beginning with the second movement around the twentieth minute I'm sure the weird "coral effect made out of who knows what" will make you pray for the holy ghost. Right after the second crescendo the scene is crossed by a killer distorted bass sound that's left hanging enough to scare the shit out of your ears. Right when the climax is reached the distorted bass gradually leaves the crime scene for more white noise waves and to some quiet parts that recall the first the beginning of the cd till it all fade like the fog in the famous movie by John Carpenter. Without being a dark ambient release I'm sure many fans of the genre will dig this for the "lost in a forest" sensation.


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