Monday, September 28, 2020
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Artist: Bizarre Musik Machine (@)
Title: Bizarre Musik Machine
Format: CD
Distributor: Bizarre Musik Machine
Rated: *****
First off, I owe these guys a big apology. I promised them a review well over a year ago, and due to circumstances ended up taking an overly-long hiatus from the reviewing biz. Now that I’m back in the grooves, let me give them the critical eye they certainly deserve. Bizarre Musik Machine is a duo out of San Antonio, Texas, a tough town to make it for most any band. And I’m sure that making dark music there really puts you at a disadvantage. Be that as it may, Yayumi (Vocals/Keyboards) & Gino (Guitar/Sequencing) deserve a lot of credit for trying. Probably the easiest comparison is early period Cocteau Twins with more easily decipherable vocals. Plenty of that shoegazing echo & verb to the guitar with drum machine keeping the rhythm moving along. Unlike some bands who consciously try to mine the retro-80’s vibe of bands like te Cocteaus, Joy Division, The Cure, et al, Bizarre Musik Machine are different enough to make you take notice. While Yayumi doesn’t possess a stellar set of pipes, she still has enough quality to keep you enthralled for at least 35-40 minutes. And from what I’ve seen of her visually, she’s almost got an interesting appearance, in a Bjork kind of way. Gino’s no slouch as creating the proper aural atmosphere either, even though sometimes his guitar work seems a bit meandering. Still, to my knowledge, there’s NOBODY doing just this kind of thing now, to my knowledge. (Then again I could be wrong, but of there is another band taking this path, I certainly haven’t been exposed to them. Most of the tracks on the CD are pretty good, but the most memorable one is titled "Silent Regrets" will really take you back to the early 90’s, the heyday of the Madchester’ and Shoegazer scene. If 4AD is still signing bands, Bizarre Musik Machine is one they definitely ought to look into. With some better production, this duo has the potential to carve their own niche (and maybe even write their own ticket) in the Goth n’ Dreampop music genre. Their website is definitely worth a visit, and while you’re there, BUY a copy of their CD. Don’t wait for them to become famous, because then it’s only the label that makes the money on product, and they really could use your support.


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