Monday, September 28, 2020
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Title: The Debris Field
Format: CD
Label: Neo Cultural Front Records
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From the blend of industrial, hip hop and new wave of the first Bunker Soldier 1996 release titled "Quite a dilemma", Tim moved to new wave / e.b.m. / industrial influences on his 1999 album "Innuendo". 2004 was the time of the "Triple threat" single where with the two electro industrial songs "Warlocked" and "Firewall" you can find a sign of Bunker Soldier opening to commercial music. "Flying" was a catching track that with its danceable structure was able to satisfy the radio audience and also the electro lovers that were also interested in commercial stuff. The new album THE DEBRIS FIELD moves a step ahead into the concept of blending really commercial songs (too much commercial for my taste) with electronic tunes influenced by 80s new wave (see bands like A Flock Of Seagulls or Psychedelic Furs). With the help of five different singers Tim packed ten songs of which nine new (the tenth is a version of "Flying – I want to go"). The opening "Darkness falls" recalled me the Psychedelic Furs while "Close the door" has something of U2 (the guitar style) and the following "When all is lost" has got something of Bryan Adams. Basically half songs of the track list have for a commercial approach (sometimes they are too rock for me) while the other half have still that electronic industrial new wave blend (see the track "Disappoint" or "Infection") that I have already appreciated. It is difficult to tell if this is a good album or not, because I really liked the tracks influenced by 80s and by electronic but I feel a little confused about the commercial rock ones. I'd give five stars to half of the album and I'd leave the other half without a judgement because it isn't really what we are dealing with usually.
P.s. There's also an instrumental version of the album available and it is titled "This void beyond measure"


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