Monday, September 28, 2020
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TERENCE FIXMER: Silence Control

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Title: Silence Control
Format: CD
Label: International DJ Gigolo Records
Distributor: EFA Medien
Rated: *****
Thanks to his latest collaboration with the legendary voice of NITZER EBB, Douglas McCarthy, the French TERENCE FIXMER could earn a not expected success and attention of the Electro/Industrial/TBM scene. The kind and style of this collaboration is still alive and has experienced a nice impact also for his new release Silence Control. His origins are still placed in the Techno scene – which is still a present kind in his music – but FIXMER shares also the EBM infiltrated kind of electronic-based music. This is one of the countless releases done by a DJ spinning some dark loops until he gets here and there some impressive and convincing sound ideas. Not the classic style of doing a "real" composition, but still unique enough. Not all of his tracks here get my totally dedication, but so are different people’s tastes. A favorite can be named in the teutonic piece "In Dust", which hammers out some excellent percussive work. I must admit that I miss a bit the clear vocals of Douglas McCarthy, his own voice and the ones of his "guests" here can not follow in any case the abilities of McCarthy. Musically diversity is rich given here and so this release should get some good reactions by an open-minded audience.


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