Monday, September 28, 2020
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GAPING CHASM: Fragments Of War

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Artist: GAPING CHASM (@)
Title: Fragments Of War
Format: CD
Label: Aliens Production (@)
Distributor: SXDistribution
Rated: *****
The official debut release of the Slovakian EBM/Dark Electro act GAPING CHASM somehow surprises me, because I have not expected to see and hear this project after its demo tape phase back in 1994 to 1996 again. GAPING CHASM is Roman "Ergo" Petro, and maybe some of you elders have this name still in a good memory. He was one of the leading editors of the world’s best Electro/Industrial fanzine Crewzine, which could grab some euphoric attention in the early nineties. As I said, Roman was already active lately 10 years before under the GAPING CHASM moniker, but not very successful and convincing. The acceptance of his first recording was rather limited. Later on he started with a second project called ANIMA MUNDI and with this project Roman was more or less active until to the last two years. So now he returns with GAPING CHASM – and nothing is like it was before. The music has improved and developed a lot into a well balanced and produced Dark Electro inspired EBM music. The let the cover art give you some hints on Roman’s music – here’s no Endzeit pseudo-aggressive act, or a FUNKER VOGT copycat at work. The sequences are filled with rich details and there’s always the try of Roman to integrate well arranged melodic synth layers. If I have to start some comparisons, I would like to fill in some works of MENTALLO & THE FIXER or some pieces of NEON CAGE EXPERIMENT – well, that are for sure not the worst references. "Day D" surprises with a not expected smoothness and calm sounding vocals, while "Only Shadows Will Survive" or "Another Day In Paradise" are classic inspired Dark Electro pieces. Best piece – and this track is here available in two excellent versions – is the track "To Be Free". Especially the remix should give you exciting stuff to storm some dancefloors of the dark clubs. It is not the hardest Electro you’ll get here, but I am impressed how rich and detailed it got produced. Hats off, Mr. "Ergo", for one of the best surprises this year has to offer.


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