Monday, September 28, 2020
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Artist: ANGELSPIT (@)
Title: Nurse Grenade
Format: CD EP
Label: self-released
Rated: *****
The Australian male/female duo ANGELSPIT presents here their debut EP with 6 tracks, an own produced remix, and two remix works for their countrymen ANXIETY WHISPERS and the well known Gothic-Rock inspired output IKON and their track "Psychic Vampire". Also they are an active member of the Australian Crash Frequency collective, but moreover I would say, they are the leaders of it. Musically you’ll get really hard produced Electro-/Metal-Crossover here, heavy duty guitar riffs go in a mutual way with analogue sequenced bass lines. Add to this some metallic percussion and the rough implemented vocals and you’ll get a really Punk-like output. Comparisons – well, take a bit KMFDM and MORE MAN THAN MACHINE, but in all much heavier and more energetic produced. The Cyberpunk attitude is present here, this duo lives this ideology. A favorite can be named here with the track "Head Fuck", the own produced remix of their track "Head Kult", because it shows some more diversity in the kind how the vocals were produced. "Maggot" is a great and powerful opener, driving guitars stab along the clear Synth lines. The title track against to this is more calm, a kind of experimental and eerie piece. If Metal-Crossover is your cup of tea, then make sure to discover this powerful Australian outlet. They look for some additional help regarding distribution, so please pick them up and give them a try.


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