Monday, September 28, 2020
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PROVISION: The Consequence

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Artist: PROVISION (@)
Title: The Consequence
Format: CD
Label: Section 44 (@)
Rated: *****
THE CONSEQUENCE is the third Provision album and it sees the band changing its line-up slightly because Leslie Hyman isn’t in the band anymore. Now Provision are Breye 7x (founding member and singer), Jen Foxx and Carlos Covarrubias. The sound of the band hasn’t changed that much as far as I can hear it seems that there are less e.b.m. influences but their distinctive sound made of dancey electronic synthpop is still intact. The upbeat tempos or the catchy mid tempo tracks like "Attraction" shows a good song writing and use of melody (I always like to keep an eye on the sequencer melodies). The only thing didn’t thrill me about Provision is Breye's style of singing because is too linear and this risk to make the tracks sound alike. Probably changing singer would help a lot but there’s also the possibility that a different singer could loose the energy and the excitement that Breye have singing his tunes. THE CONSEQUENCE is the best band’s album to date and if you aren’t looking for the new Depeche Mode you for sure will appreciate tracks like "Perversion of conventional warfare" or "Behind your disguise".


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